Become a practice area thought leader

Our social audio app helps legal professionals become successful thought leaders in their practice area by providing them with a turnkey solution to lead curated and continued conversations with a dedicated community. 

Introducing our Moderator Academy

Quality content curation is the essence of Platforum9. To ensure the quality of forum moderation we have developed a Moderator Academy. We teach legal professionals on content curation, audience engagement, distillation of community opinion and facilitation of network building through our espresso format program modules. Our program is composed of a number of modules designed to easily train participants using case studies and practical exercises that will enable them to excel at social audio audience community management.

We support you to succeed

A professional content producer will assist you in researching and scheduling suitable guests and preparing session concepts, ensuring that all logistics are handled efficiently and without consuming too much of your time.

Moderators gain access to an audience that is highly relevant to their content and conversations as members self-select which forums, sessions, and communities they want to be a part of based on their professional practice and areas of interest.

Social audio is a convenient medium as it can be accessed easily and listened to while performing other tasks, allowing for easy consumption of information and staying connected with others. Unlike video, audio sessions are more private and allow for multitasking. Additionally, the medium expands reach to audiences such as commuters and those with visual impairments or “Zoom fatigue”.

Our app’s search feature makes it simple to identify valuable connections within our user base. Use the bio overview to initiate conversations with the appropriate individuals to expand your network. Keep in mind, all members of Platforum 9 have joined to actively participate in the legal community.

Enabled by our technology

Intuitive interface for forum and session management

Simple, yet powerful interface to plan, schedule and manage your forum and sessions at your fingertips.

Live & Interactive Audio Sessions

Our app facilitates authentic and dynamic conversations around selected topics. Harness the diversity of the global audience present and its synchronicity  using features such as in-session chat, direct messaging  to co-create unique perspectives. 

Editing & Publishing

Quickly transcribe, edit, summarise and publish sessions content with the moderators’ op-ed. Designed to repurpose and sharing on other channels, allowing the moderator executive summary editorial privilege.

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