Live sessions

Our social audio app provides a social podium for legal professionals  who want to demonstrate and affirm their expertise by taking a lead in live discussions. 

Live sessions are the place where legal professionals gather to talk about and develop their legal practice. 

Business referrals

Use our built-in direct message feature to send, receive and keep track of your business referrals.

The essence of Platforum9 is the continuity of conversations among community members gathered around specific topics. This continuity enables development of greater trust and understanding amongst participants in discussions as a pre-requisite for successful business referrals.

Community access

Access our self curated community of lawyers committed to knowledge advancement and relationship building. 

By selecting your forums, you are opening yourself to more relevant conversations, opportunities and referrals from those with similar / complementary practice areas. 

Potential matchmaking is built on self-curated participation in topics of professional interest. 

Direct contact

Direct contact. Use features like direct messaging, in-session chat and bio search to stay on the radar.

Conversations between members started within live sessions are easily continued through a range of features including chat, direct messaging, and referral feature. Members of the forums can direct message each other using script or voice message.

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