Bringing the legal community together.

What is Platforum 9

Platforum 9 is the first global social audio, social commerce platform designed to bring together lawyers and legal professionals to talk about and develop their legal practice.

Members have full control over how they develop their network. Each member is at the centre of their experience and decides how to engage with the community.

Converging legal communities

Platforum 9 is designed to bring together usually siloed communities within legal profession.  Get a unique opportunity to present and promote your practice to a broader, more diverse community. 

Business referrals

Unlike traditional networking events and activities which lead to potential business referrals, Platforum 9 is much more cost-effective and efficient. Genuine conversations and connectivity happen from the comfort of your own home, office or on the go.  Platforum9 delivers the condensed experience of professional networking without significant costs of travel, event fees or time which may translate to lost income or loss of billable hours. 

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